Data Analysis FUI in 4K

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Animated FUI screen graphics for data analysis UI in 4K resolution (3840x2160).

The package includes the following pre-rendered video assets:

- base layout

- four abstract data renders

- one space ship hologram render

- one screen overlay

- one UI widgets overlay

- video customization tutorial, using After Effects

Easily combine and overlay the video assets to get different look. Use your own main element animation instead of the included abstract data renders.

Duration of each pre-rendered video: 20 seconds.

Recolor with your favorite compositing software.

For modification request, please send us a message.

Video preview --

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Zip file with pre-rendered video assets + customization tutorial

4K Resolution (3840x2160)
Pre-rendered assets
Professional Design
476 MB
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Data Analysis FUI in 4K

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