4K Map / Location FUI & Screen graphics

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Animated FUI screen graphics for map / location UIs in 4K resolution (3840x2160).

The package includes the following video and image assets:
-    Full screen UI video, ideal for playback on displays
-    Video of UI side widgets only (looped)
-    Video of map overlays only (looped)
-    Map image
-    Grid image

Duration of each pre-rendered video: 20 seconds.
In case you want to use your own map image, you can use the video of the side widgets only and add other map imagery and overlays in the center of the frame.

Recolor with your favorite compositing software.
For modification request, please send us a message.

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Video & image assets

4K (3840x2160) resolution
20 seconds duration
Pre-rendered assets
Professional design
92.3 MB
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4K Map / Location FUI & Screen graphics

0 ratings
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