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20 Logistics Animated Icons

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Set of 20 logistics animated SVG icons. Created in Illustrator, animated in After Effects, using Bodymovin Lottie. The set features two icon options:

a) outlines and background fill;

b) outlines only.

Static SVG files are provided for usage in Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, etc. Each icon animated option in delivered in the following file types:

.GIF (on transparent)

.MOV (on transparent)

.MP4 (white background) Size of the above: 300 x 300 pixels. Duration: 1 second (30 fps)

Included files for Lottie:





You can change the colors of both fill and outline in each icon by editing the .css file, as well as the outline weight. Also editable are the size, position, etc. A video tutorial is included to help you out.

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20 logistics animated SVG icons in GIF, MOV, MP4 and Lottie files (HTML, .CSS, .JS, .JSON)

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20 Logistics Animated Icons

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